Career Advancement With Technology: 4 Tips for People With Disabilities

Career Advancement With Technology: 4 Tips for People With Disabilities

Historically, people with disabilities have dealt with barriers in the workforce. Today, technology can make it easier for people with disabilities to achieve their professional dreams. With the help of training agencies like FreshSkills, building your skillset for the right role has never been simpler. If you’re aiming to advance on your career path, these tips outline how technology could be the key to enhancing your skillset and landing your next job.

Launch a Home-Based Business

Perhaps you’ve gotten frustrated while working at 9-to-5 jobs. Maybe your manager did not take the time to understand your needs, or maybe you never got the support you needed from the Human Resources department. If the idea of continuing to work for someone else feels discouraging, you might be interested in pursuing entrepreneurship and launching your own home-based business instead.

Running a home-based business can be a great option for people with disabilities. You’ll be able to control your own schedule, set your own rates and prices, and maintain a workload that doesn’t overwhelm you. Your first step is choosing a business idea! Oberlo recommends selling digital products like ebooks or stock photos, teaching online classes on a skill or software program you’ve mastered, starting a print-on-demand business, or offering a service like blogging or social media management.

Pursue Remote Learning

You may be interested in earning your degree in order to move forward in your career. But sometimes, attending classes on a brick-and-mortar campus can be challenging for people with disabilities. You might not have reliable transportation, or you may have had discouraging experiences with teachers in the past who did not accommodate your needs. Remote learning could be a viable solution for you. Check into what degrees are available, as one may open up new doors on your career path.

Find Employment Online

What if you do want to keep working at a 9-to-5 job, but you’re just not satisfied with your current position? It’s time to start job hunting. In the past, you might not have been able to confirm whether or not a company truly supported its employees with disabilities before accepting an offer. Today, you can with the help of the internet! Disability Horizons recommends checking out company reviews online or even reaching out to current and former employees to ask about the company’s reputation when it comes to accommodating employees with disabilities.

Technology can also be helpful throughout the hiring process. For instance, rather than going into the office for an interview, you can schedule a video interview.

Assistive Technology in the Workplace

You’ve landed a job you’re excited about – but you know that you would benefit from assistive technology to perform the required duties. Assistive technology can be a boon for people with disabilities in the workplace. For instance, you might be able to use a screen reader or dictation software. If you think that you’ll need assistive technology to manage your responsibilities, get your requests for your employer in writing as soon as possible.

For people with disabilities, navigating the workforce can be difficult. But with today’s technology, you can find more opportunities with traditional employers or as an entrepreneur. By implementing some of these tips, you can move up in your career!

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